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2013 Cross Country - All-League
Runner of the Year

Fred Huxham, Redwood

Julia Maxwell, Branson

First Team
Fred Huxham, Redwood Julia Maxwell, Branson
Andy Ehrenberg, Redwood Sophia Noto, Drake
Dominic Lecouturier, Marin Catholic Glennis Murphy, Redwood
Nassim Kabbara, San Rafael Anna Harleen, Branson
Matt Saunders, Drake Allie Williams, Branson
Sam Curtis, San Rafael Kate Miekley, Tamalpais
Zach Bibeault, Terra Linda Emma Gallagher, Redwood
Connor Deleuze, Justin-Siena Aislinn Miller, Drake
Isaac Coehn, Tamalpais Ashley Delgado, Branson
Nick Schwartz, Drake Teal Bullick, Justin-Siena
Second Team
Jason Porzio, San Rafael Julia Hansen, Redwood
Matt Lovetri, Novato Lizzie Reeves, Branson
Jeremy Leary, Drake Isabella Amyx, Tamalpais
Eric Bryan, Redwood Hadley Clark, Tamalpais
Blake Delaney, San Rafael Annie Fogarty, Redwood
Jake Tandle, Marin Catholic Rachel Bordes, Redwood
Drake Johnson, Novato Olivia Phillips, Tamalpais
Connor Flechsig, San Marin Francesca Camahort, Branson
Campbell Nolan, Redwood Sayles Day, Branson
Walker Busby, San Rafael Mary Monda Oewel, Redwood
Every effort has been made to spell the names of the All-League Selections correctly.
Please contact us if you find an error.



2012 Cross Country - All-League
Runner of the Year

John Lawson, Drake

Julia Maxwell, Branson

First Team
John Lawson, Drake Julia Maxwell, Branson
Clayton Hutchins, Drake Anna Harleen, Branson
Fred Huxham, Redwood Megan Bordes, Redwood
Joey Morris, San Rafael Bella Amyx, Tamalpais
Nassim Kabbara, San Rafael Isabel Moon, Novato
Kyle Ryan, Redwood Emma Gallagher, Redwood
Andy Ehrenberg, Redwood Kelsey Nieman, Novato
Connor DeLeuze, Justin-Siena Jordan Allen, Marin Catholic
Dillon Foehr, Redwood Sophia Noto, Drake
Kevin Martinez, San Rafael Allie Williams, Branson
Second Team
Taylor Pope, Redwood Sophie Epstein, Redwood
Jonathan Kaufman, San Rafael Kaitlin McKeogh, Terra Linda
Max Friend, Redwood Kendra Loo, Redwood
Matt Saunders, Drake Raissa Boysen, Novato
Tucker Wasuta, Drake Sammy Cohen, Redwood
Austin Heller, Redwood Sophie Breck, Branson
Isaac Cohen, Tamalpais Lucie Semone, Redwood
Dominic LeCouturier, Marin Catholic Kaleigh Jones, Tamalpais
Jakey Yandle, Marin Catholic Aislinn Miller, Drake
Jose Ordonez, San Rafael Rachel Bordes, Redwood


2011 Cross Country - All-League
Runner of the Year

John Lawson (Jr.) Drake

Julia Maxwell (So.) Branson

First Team
John Lawson (Jr.) Drake Julia Maxwell (So.) Branson
Tommy Warfel (Sr.) Redwood Anna Harleen (So.) Branson
Andrew Henn (Sr.) Tamalpais Megan Bordes (Jr.) Redwood
Clayton Hutchins (Jr.) Drake Isabel Moon (So.) Novato
Fred Huxham (So.) Redwood Molly Hunt (Jr.) Redwood
James MacDonald (Sr.) Tamalpais Bella Amyx (Fr.) Tamalpais
Joey Morris (Jr.) San Rafael Jordan Allen (Fr.) Marin Catholic
Kyle Ryan (Jr.) Redwood Kathleen Killeen (Sr.) Redwood
Isaac Cohen (So.) Tamalpais Kelsey Nieman (Jr.) Novato
Dillon Foehr (So.) Redwood Julia Hansen (So.) Redwood
Second Team
Audric Lecouturier (Sr.) Marin Catholic Teal Bullick (So.) Justin-Siena
Alex Olson (Sr.) Tamalpais Meghan Tanel (Fr.) Tamalpais
Will Baker-Robinson (Sr.) Drake Sophie Breck (So.) Branson
Max Friend (Jr.) Redwood Sami Emory (Sr.) Tamalpais
Tucker Wasuta (Jr.) Drake Hallie Brauner (Sr.) Tamalpais
Blake Alm (So.) Redwood Sophie Epstein (Jr.) Redwood
Wes Curtis (Sr.) San Rafael Lilly Goldwasser (So.) Redwood
Jack Bullock (So.) Redwood Kaitlin Mckeogh (Jr.) Terra Linda
Aidan Tirpack (So.) Tamalpais Bianca Doerschlog (Sr.) Drake
Travis Reder (Jr.) Novato Claire Hillman (Sr.) Redwood


2010 Cross Country - All-League
Runner of the Year

Daniel Milechman (Sr.) Tamalpais

Julia Maxwell (Fr.) Branson

First Team
Daniel Milechman (Sr.)Tamalpais Julia Maxwell (Fr.) Branson
John Lawson (So.) Drake Kathleen Killeen (Jr.) Redwood
Trevor Ehlenbach (Sr.) San Rafael Jenna Joske (Sr.) Justin-Siena
Will Baker-Robinson (Jr.) Drake Molly Hunt (So.) Redwood
Roman Alyas (Sr.) Novato Julia Hansen (Fr.) Redwood
Marc Klunk (Sr.) Novato Courtney Madson (Sr.) Novato
Dylan Harris (Sr.) San Rafael Kate Courtney (So.) Branson
James MacDonald (Jr.) Tamalpais Kaitlin McKeogh (So.)Terra Linda
Jack Killion (Sr.) San Rafael Isabel Moon (Fr.) Novato
Tommy Warfel (Jr.) Redwood Anna Harleen (Fr.) Branson
Second Team
Clayton Hutchins (So.) Drake Julia Saunders (Sr.) Drake
Wes Curtis (Jr.) San Rafael Kelsey Nieman (So.) Novato
Nick Kinda (Sr.) Justin-Siena Lindsay Rogers (Sr.) Drake
Jack Bullock (Fr.) Redwood Olivia Heitz (Fr.) Tamalpais
Andrew Henn (Jr.) Tamalpais Elisa Hicks (Sr.) Redwood
Kyle Ryan (So.) Redwood Kelsey Diederich (Sr.) San Marin
David Fuchs (Sr.) Tamalpais Sarah Bates (Fr.) Drake
Carroll Oliver (Sr.) Drake Sophie Breck (Fr.) Branson
Audric Lecouturier (Jr.) Marin Catholic Celine Abella (Fr.) Redwood
Will Cooney (Sr.) Marin Catholic Natalie Tallarico (Jr.) Redwood


2009 Cross Country - All-League
Runner of the Year

Daniel Milechman (Jr.) Tamalpais

Kate Courtney (Fr.) Branson

First Team
Daniel Milechman (Jr.) Tamalpais Kate Courtney (Fr.) Branson
Trevor Ehlenbach (Jr.) San Rafael Theresa Devine (Sr.) Marin Catholic
Cameron Bronstein (Jr.) San Rafael Courtney Madson (Jr.) Novato
Dylan Harris (Jr.) San Rafael Caitlin Schmitt (Sr.) Redwood
Jimmy Connolly (Jr.) Terra Linda Molly Hunt (Fr.) Redwood
James MacDonald (So.) Tamalpais Ellie Ryan (So.) Drake
Reed Bunell (Sr.) Redwood Jenna Joske (Jr.) Justin-Siena
Marc Klunk (Jr.) Novato Sara Warner (Sr.) Justin-Siena
John Lawson (Fr.) Drake Julia Saunders (Jr.) Drake
Jack Killion (Jr.) San Rafael Maddie Tight (Jr.) Terra Linda
Second Team
Kiko Rodriguez (Sr.) Novato Mackinzie Stanley (So.) Drake
Carroll Oliver (Jr.) Drake Brigitte Winkler (Fr.) Tamalpais
Eric Tymstra (Sr.) Redwood Kaitlin McKeogh (Fr.) Terra Linda
Clay Alm (Sr.) Redwood Amelia Burke (Sr.) Redwood
Will Cooney (Jr.) Marin Catholic Kathleen Killeen (So.) Redwood
Wes Curtis (So.) San Rafael Shea Matthews (Jr.) Redwood
Alex Olson (So.) Tamalpais Kelsie Shea (Sr.) Drake
Tommy Warfel (So.) Redwood Quinlin Cacic (So.) Tamalapis
Ben Taska (Jr.) Tamalpais Monica Milstein (Sr.) Tamalpais
Kyle Ryan (Fr.) Redwood Katie Lee (Jr.) Tamalpais


2008 Cross Country - All-League
Runner of the Year

Erik Olson (Jr.) Novato

Teresa Devine (Jr.) Marin Catholic

First Team
Erik Olson (Jr.) Novato Teresa Devine (Jr.) Marin Catholic

Steven Iglehart (Sr.) Branson

Ellie Ryan (Fr.) Drake

Dan Milechman (So.) Tamalpais

Courtney Madson (So.) Novato

Peter Kissin (Sr.) Redwood

Caitlin Schmitt (Jr.) Redwood

Brian Hernandez (Sr.) San Rafael

Devin Patrick (Sr.) Tamalpais

Alec Govi (Sr.) Marin Catholic

Kelsey Shea (Jr.) Drake

Reed Bunnell (Jr.) Redwood

Maddie Tight (So.) Terra Linda

Cory Rand (Sr.) Tamalpais

Erica Morelli (So.) Terra Linda

Trevor Ehlenbach (So.) San Rafael

Hannah Farazmand (Jr.) Redwood

Cameron Bronstein (So.) San Rafael

Sarah Salem (Jr.) Redwood

Second Team
Julio Boj (Sr.) Redwood Amelia Burke (Jr.) Redwood
Kiko Rodriquez (Jr.) Drake Lexy Deetken (So.) Drake
Marc Klunk (So.) Terra Linda Claire Mallen (So.) Terra Linda
Chris Lowell (Sr.) Justin-Siena Leslie Johnson (So.) Justin-Siena
Alex Sterling (Sr.) Justin-Siena Sara Walker (Jr.) Justin-Siena
Kevin Cardy (Sr.) Justin-Siena Jenna Joske (So.) Justin-Siena
Alex Shimek (Sr.) Drake Lindsay Rogers (So.) Drake
Eric Tymstra (Jr.) Redwood Natalie Tallerico (Fr.) Redwood
Clay Alm (Jr.) Redwood Shealyn Mathews (So.) Redwood
Reid Bergsund (So.) Justin-Siena Erin Kinda (Jr.) Justin-Siena


2007 Cross Country - All-League
Runner of the Year
Erik Olson (So.) Novato Mickey Davis (Sr.) San Rafael
First Team

Cory Rand (Jr.) Tamalpais

Kelsey Ripp (Sr.) San Rafael

Steven Iglehart (Jr.) Branson

Theresa Devine (So.) Marin Catholic

Peter Kissin (Jr.) Redwood Hannah Farazmand (So.) Redwood
Alec Govi (Jr.) Marin Catholic Courtney Madson (Fr.) Novato
Brian Hernandez (Jr.) San Rafael Emily Livingston (Jr.) Redwood
Patrick Moore (Sr.) Drake Natalie Fisher (Sr.) Marin Catholic
Dan Milechman (Fr.) Tamalpais

Amelia Burke (So.) Redwood

Cody Chapman (Sr.) Tamalpais

Kelsie Shea (So.) Drake

Kalen Rago (Jr.) Tamalpais Sammy Creath (Sr.) Redwood
Reed Bunnell (So.) Redwood Caroline Logan (So.) Redwood
Second Team
Thomas Oliver (Sr.) Drake Mary Welter (Fr.) San Marin

Mark Bretan (Sr.) Novato

Monica Milstein (So.) Tamalpais
Alex Sterling (Jr.) Redwood Katie Fitzpatrick (Fr.) Marin Catholic
Kevin Cardey (Jr.) Justin Siena Kimberly Killion (Sr.) San Rafael
Austin Hyatt (So.) Justin Siena Devin Patrick (Jr.) Tamalpais
John Masychek (Jr.) Justin Siena Rachel Bowen (Jr.) San Rafael
Tyler Bronstein (Sr.) San Rafael Kiely Campagna (Sr.) Terra Linda
John Witter (So.) San Marin Kari Sandell (Jr.) Redwood
Sam Congdon (Sr.) Tamalpais Tamsen Bell (Jr.) Tamalpais
Chris Lowell (Jr.) Tamalpais Rebecca Bennett (Jr.) San Marin


2006 Cross Country - All-League
Runner of the Year
David Buscho (Sr.), San Rafael Emilie Olson (Sr.), Tamalpais
First Team
David Buscho (Sr.), San Rafael Emilie Olson (Sr.), Tamalpais
Mark Bretan (Jr.), Novato Theresa Devine (Fr), Marin Catholic
Jonathon Weiland (Sr.), Redwood Amelia Burke (Fr.), Redwood
Jack Lagomarsino (Sr.), Drake Kelsey Ripp (Jr.), San Rafael
Bryant Benter (Sr.), San Marin Alizah Rotman (So.), Novato
Erik Olson (Fr.), Novato Chlesea Fenton (Jr.), San Marin
Nick LaPlant (Sr.), Tamalpais Sammy Creath (Jr.), Redwood
Alec Govi (So.), Marin Catholic Katie Bachman (Jr.), Redwood
Zach Clemens (Sr.), Drake Natalee Fisher (Jr.), Marin Catholic
Tom Freemon (So.), Redwood Hannah Farazmand (Fr.), Redwood
Second Team
Chris MacLeod (Sr.), Redwood Kristine Nowlain (Sr.), Drake
Steven Iglehart (Fr.), Branson Lauren Hall (So.), Redwood
Peter Kissin (So.), Redwood Mickey Davis (Jr.), San Rafael
Cory Rank (So.), Tamalpais Kimberly Killion (Jr.), San Rafael
Spencer Husen (Sr.), San Marin Mary Kate Fidler (Jr.), Justin Siena
Brain Hernandez (So.), San Rafael Nina Atamanluk (So.), Novato
Tyler Bronstein (Jr.), San Rafael Monica Yorlo (Fr.), Tamalpais
Andy Seguin (Sr.), Justin Siena Kelsey Olsen (Sr.), Novato
Martin Langeveld (Sr.), Tamalpais Lucy Rosenbloom (Sr.), Tamalpais
Alex Sterling (So.), Redwood Stephanie Thoma (Jr.), San Marin


2005 Cross Country - All-League
First Team
Steve Sodaro (Sr.), Redwood Alison Greggor (Sr.), San Marin
David Buscho (Jr.), San Rafael Claire Ross (Sr.), Redwood
Sam Milechman (Sr.), Tamalpais Natalee Fisher (So.), Marin Catholic
Mike Park (Sr.), Tamalpais Emilie Olsen (Jr.), Tamalpais
Nick LaPlant (Jr.), Tamalpais Kristine Nowlain (Jr.), Drake
Terrence Bennett (Sr.), Branson Alizah Rotman (Fr.), Novato
Bryant Benter (Jr.) San Marin Devin Patrick (Fr.), Tamalpais
John McGrath (Sr.), Tamalpais Briana Van Epps (Sr.), San Marin
Chris MacLeod (Jr.), Redwood Cory Davis (Sr.), San Rafael
John Dillon (Jr.), Novato Bridgette Trowbridge (Jr.), Novato
Second Team
Ian Herrick, San Rafael Mary Kate Fidler, Justin Siena
Mark Bretan, Novato Stephanie Broadway, Redwood
Erik Carlsen, Drake Chelsea Fenton, San Marin
Nico Leyva, San Rafael Sally Kallet, Redwood
Tom Wooton, San Rafael Kelsey Ripp, San Rafael
Martin Langevel, Tamalpais Katie Bachman, Redwood
Julio Boj, San Rafael Sara Helvestine, Redwood
Colin Walker, Drake Sammy Creath, Redwood
Theo Meneau, Terra Linda Kelsey Olson, Novato
Alec Covi, Marin Catholic Kelsey Campagna, Terra Linda


2004 Cross Country - All-League
First Team
Jake Schmitt, Redwood Katelyn Calvelli, Drake
Jose Pelayo, Redwood Claire Ross, Redwood
David Buscho, San Rafael Emillie Olson, Tamalpais
Evan Spragens, Drake Robin Hextrum, Tamalpais
Mike Park, Tamalpais Briana Van Epps, San Marin
John McGrath, Tamalpais Alison Greggor, San Marin
Zach Clemons, Drake Amanda Stuart, Redwood
John Dillon, Novato Shannon Hextrum, Tamalpais
Nick Farac, Terra Linda Kristine Nowlain, Drake
Nick LaPlant, Tamalpais Emily Justus, Redwood
Second Team
Michael Carbone, Terra Linda Carli O'Leary, San Marin
Sam Milechman, Tamalpais Carrie Adams, Branson
Erik Carlson, Drake Annie Pedlar, Terra Linda
Terrence Bennett, Branson Natalee Fisher, Marin Catholic
Kevin Bernotes, Drake Mary Kate Fidler, Justin-Siena
Chris Macleod, Redwood Cory Davis, San Rafael
Ian Horrick, San Rafael Elena Carter, Novato
Nick Mahaut, San Rafael Bridget Trowbridge, Novato
Adam Hill, Redwood Kelly Coplin, Redwood
Theo Menau, Terra Linda Carolyn Latham, Terra Linda